Did you know there are areas in your store where can you reduce your energy expenditures and save up to half your energy costs while your store is closed? Just install Econofrost night covers to start reducing energy losses and extending product shelf life. Since accessibility to fresh food items means easy selection for consumers, most refrigerated merchandisers are open and uncovered. Many thermal barriers such as cooler doors are also visual barriers and inhibit access by shoppers. On the other hand, any supermarket or retail food store that has open display coolers is paying a lot to refrigerate the contents 24 hours a day.

What challenges the cooling equipment and compromises the chilled goods is the ambient heat that constantly moves into the coolers from the aisle. Become one of the many retailers who are discovering that when refrigerated foods are protected with Econofrost and allowed to chill properly overnight, the beneficial effects can last up to 15 hours after the store opens.

When investing in expensive refrigeration equipment, the first gap to fill is the front end of your display cases while your store is closed. When you start to cover your coolers overnight with an energy efficient, durable thermal barrier of Econofrost flexible aluminum night covers, you start to expend less energy, and save the costs of energy required to chill the display coolers in the midst of a warm store.

Econofrost night covers help reduce running time of the supermarkets heating and air conditioning units energy consumed by the refrigerator compressors equipment maintenance overall refrigeration costs, loss of valuable refrigerated air costs of heating the store.

Installation of Econofrost night curtains is a cost effective measure that will pay for itself. Econofrost has demonstrated paybacks anywhere between three to 18 months depending on how long the store is closed, local energy costs, the efficiency of the commercial refrigeration equipment, and the retail store environment. Payback periods are derived from a combination of energy savings and the significant reduction in perishable goods damage and produce shrinkage. Extended product shelf life and reduced damage to perishable goods from exposure to heat and UV radiation during the supermarkets closed hours demonstrates the most noticeable and quickest payback.

Econofrost can help protect your refrigeration systems and save 37% to 50% of refrigeration and heating costs for the hours when the supermarket is closed. Commercial refrigeration compressors and store heating systems typically operate more efficiently, less frequently, and require less energy.

Econofrost refrigeration night covers are a trouble-free and durable investment for any supermarket and can be easily installed in existing supermarket merchandisers. Econofrost is available on new equipment from most refrigerated display equipment manufacturers, including Tyler/Carrier, Hill Phoenix, Hussmann, Master-Bilt, Barker, and Southern Stores Fixtures.