ECONOFROST’s 5000 Series Retrofit Cassette Installation Instructions


Imagen de la cubierta de noche Econofrost Serie 5000 Installing the 5000 Series is relatively easy. Once you’ve installed one or two cassettes, you quickly can finish an installation of one cassette in roughly a couple of minutes.

Below is an outline of the general installation and retension instructions for the 5000 series retrofit cassette and the 5000 series non-cassette OEM version. We also have included installation/retension instructions for the 5000 series in Spanish too.

Para ayudarlo con la instalación de su cubierta nocturna, también le proporcionamos un conjunto de instrucciones que puede descargar.

Si alguna vez tiene alguna pregunta sobre la instalación de la marca de cubiertas nocturnas ECONOFROST, llámenos (llamada gratuita en Norteamérica) al 1-800-519-1222 o al (250) 743-1222.


5000AK series night cover installation instructions
Instrucciones de instalación de la cubierta nocturna de la serie 5000
Instrucciones de retensión sin casete de la serie 5000
5000AK Series Cassette
- Inglés
Casete de la serie 5000
- Inglés
Serie 5000 sin casete
- Inglés
5000 Instrucciones de instalacion con casete
5000 Instrucciones de instalacion sin casete
5000AK Series Cassette
– Spanish / Espanol
Serie 5000 sin casete
– Spanish / Espanol


9000 Series Retrofit Cassette Installation Guide

Antes de que empieces

1. For maximum efficiency and cost savings try to use as many 8ft units as possible. This will allow you to cover the greatest linear length using the least number of units.

2. Al instalar las cubiertas nocturnas, tenga cuidado con cualquier cableado dentro de la cubierta de la vitrina y dentro del área de instalación.

3. When installing ECONOFROST night covers, be sure to install the blinds in such a manner that the refrigerated cold air curtain remains behind the night cover (inside the case) as it was intended.

4. Be aware of any misting systems (produce cases) and be sure not to block access to the refrigeration controls. Try to avoid installing ECONOFROST night covers where they will infringe upon merchandise and shelving. Try to avoid installing the night covers near sharp edges of in positions that will expose the fabric to undue wear and tear.

5. Before officially starting, be sure to remove all signage, boards and bag racks as required.

Installation Instructions – 5000AK Series Cassette

Paso 1Â Â Choose the location for mounting – typically on the front of the display case canopy. Hold the ECONOFROST cassette up to the location where it will be mounted. Ensure the cover is level before marking the location. Mark the intended position on the mounting surface by scribing the case at each end of the cassette.

Imagen de medición de un estuche para cubiertas nocturnas

Paso 2Â Â Slide the mounting tabs (A) out of the end caps (B). Line up the mounting tabs with marks made on the display case canopy. Use the tabs as a template and mark where the holes are to be drilled

Imagen del soporte de montaje para cubierta nocturna

Paso 3Â Â Drill the holes to accept the sheet metal screws. Affix mounting tabs to display case using sheet metal screws. Slide the cassette unit onto the mounting tabs and secure by placing a set screw in the holes provided on the nylon end caps.

Imagen de los tornillos de fijación de la cubierta nocturna

Paso 4Â Â Determine place at the bottom of the case to mount hook for the handle – usually below bumper or moulding. Ensure the hook is centered with the handle. Use hook as a template to marke the holes to be drilled. Drill the holes and mount the hook using sheet metal screws. Pull the ECONOFROST cover down and slip the handle onto the hook.

Imagen de la retracción de la prueba de cobertura nocturna

Imagen de Gancho para Parachoques de Vitrina Refrigerada

Retension Instructions – 9000 Series Cassette

Removal of an ECONOFROST unit that is currently installed
1. Retire los tornillos de fijación de ambos soportes de montaje.
2. Slide off the cassette unit and spindle roll assembly from the plastic mounting end-cap “ear” tabs (mounting Endcap tabs remain affixed to the case).

Imagen de oreja de soporte de montaje para cubiertas nocturnas

Setting Spring Tension Using Allen Key Tool

Paso 1Â Â Re-tensioning mechansim access is located at the left side of the unit. It can be identified by the Philips screw head.

Paso 2Â Â Remove the locking screw to reveal the hexagonal pin-end of the spring mechanism.

Paso 3Â Â Insert a 5mm hexagonal key for re-tensioning. Push the key in until it unlocks the setting, and spring tension is loosened. Turn the hexagonal key (keep it pushed in) 18-25 times clockwise, or until the tension feels sufficient. Caution: Do Not over tension.

Imagen del tornillo de bloqueo de seguridad para cubiertas nocturnas

Paso 4Â Â Once the expected tension is reached, bring lock pin to its original set position (out) using the hexagonal key. This holds the spring tension.

Imagen del orificio de tensión del resorte con forma de llave hexagonal Allen

Paso 5Â Â Replace the locking screw gently. Ensure the screw does not push in the lock pin in order to avoid loosening the tension. With the end-caps re-attached, hold up the cassette unit and pull down on the fabric and release to test tension and retraction. If tension is not acceptable repeast steps 4-5 with either more turns (more tension is added) or less turns (loosens tension).

Paso 6Â Â Re-attach the cassette unit to the case, sliding the end caps over the mounting tab “ears”. Important: Ensure the small set screws at the bottom of the end caps are in the place to lock the unit to the mounting tabs.

Imagen de medición de un estuche para cubiertas nocturnas
Imagen de fijación de tornillos de fijación en una cubierta nocturna

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